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Modular Design Pattern

Flagstone has been built with ease of use at the forefront, all components are self contained and easily transplanted from one area or page to another, making interesting and eye catching layouts easy.

BEM Based Code

Flagstone uses BEM methodology for its Markup and CSS. BEM stands for Block, Element Modifier, and is a clear and concise way of organising and structuring code, making Flagstone a breeze to develop with.

Bootstrap Free

Flagstone has been built upon our own theme framework, designed specifically for building websites, we know the code inside out, and this enables us to deliver fast, accurate support.

Well Documented

As Flagstone has been built on our own framework, we have built a comprehensive documentation site to support building with Flagstone, full of code samples and step by step instruction, you should only be a click away from the answer you need.


Aswell as straight CSS and HTML files, all SCSS and KIT files are included, with the use of the SCSS config file, coupled with KIT language includes, your build time can be accelerated to mere minutes. (KIT Files can be compiled with a free grunt compiler, or Codekit)

Non-destructive Overrides

Flagstone uses a theme architecture to protect the core framework from accidentally being altered, want to make a change? worried you might break something else? with the easy to use theme structure customisation can be creative and not stressful.