Modal component


Modal windows come in 2 differing varieties, a straight forward pop up, that can contain text or images, triggered via button or link and a timed modal that will appear "X" seconds after the page has loaded, configurable via Javascript.

On-click modal

Click the link below to open up a modal window.

Open modal window

Timed modal

Probably by the time you have read this text the timed modal will have appeared. You can configure the timed modal to appear a set amount of time after the page has loaded via a simple Javascript setting.

Single image Lightbox

Lightboxes, like modals come in 2 different varieties, a single image Lightbox, and a gallery option. The images opposite are single Ligthbox images.

Gallery Lightbox

When you click on one of the images opposite you will see its possible to shift to the next image using the arrow navigation, effectively turning your Lightbox into an attractive gallery.