Use an eye catching button to draw your viewer to that vital call to action.

Brand Colour Buttons

The buttons can accuratly reflect your theme colour scheme simply by adding the appropriate class.

Warning Buttons

A set of buttons coloured in the same way as the success, warning and failure notices.

Generic Buttons

A set of buttons that you can apply your own colours to.

Button Sizes

Buttons come in small medium and large, the default is small, and requires no extra class name.

Pill Buttons

Any button can be made into a pill button simply by adding one class.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost buttons which have only an outline and text, come in 3 varieties, light ghost for use on dark backgrounds, mid ghost for use on backgrounds where very light or very dark may not be a good match, and dark ghost for use on light backgrounds.

 *Dark background for illustrative purpose only

Icon Buttons

The icon fonts included with Flagstone can be easily incorporated into any button.